Human Risk Management (HRM)

Reduce the risk of a costly user-related data breach and demonstrate your efforts in compliance through measurable employee human risk management programmes.

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Humans are targets

36% of successful data breaches involve phishing

Human mistakes

90% of successful data breaches involve human error

Compliance is essential

Key standards like ISO 27001 require regular staff training


Make your employees your first line of defence

Security Awareness Training

Assess and strengthen each user's security knowledge gaps through regular, bite-sized training courses that are prioritised based on their risk areas.

Simulated Phishing

Identify which employees are susceptible to sophisticated phishing attacks through periodic simulations, and educate those who show high risk.

Dark Web Monitoring

Safeguard exposed user accounts that could be used to launch targeted attacks by monitoring the dark web for stolen credentials (such as passwords).

Policy Management

Keep users well-versed on security policies and procedures by requesting and tracking eSignature approvals from a pre-loaded library of core documents.


Drive security awareness with user tailored training programmes

Dig deep into ongoing human risk with training, phishing and policy reporting

Save time with readily-made courses, phishing templates and policy docs

Demonstrate compliance with key standards like ISO 27001 and GDPR

Understand your business's employee security posture with a human risk score

Simple fast deployment and automated staff training reminders

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Pricing for Usecure starts at AUD$3.00 plus GST, per seat, per calendar month.