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Paradigm BI, a boutique business intelligence studio, works with you to create insightful Business Intelligence. We can make your Power BI dashboards,reports, and Paginated Reports work for you. We can improve your Excel workbooks to use BI models. Most importantly we can offer a quick and cost-effective service sensitive to your needs. We can show you how to resolve your BI issues using Power BI and the latest BI technology.
Paradigm BI can deliver the BI solution that you need, from your data.
Xero4PowerBI Cash Flow
Xero4PowerBI CashFlow


Business Intelligence provides insights into business performance and productivity. Desktop and web BI tools have progressed rapidly in the last few years in their ability to deliver timely information to the business. An example of this is our Xero4PowerBI application that offers a simple method of accessing Xero financial information. Paradigm BI enables you to use business intelligence to gain insight into your business processes.
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Human Risk Management

Human Risk Management (HRM) is the new class of user-focused security that enables you to do just that through personalised security awareness training programs, periodic phishing simulation campaigns, simplified policy management and ongoing dark web monitoring - completely managed for you.
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