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Business Intelligence

  • Power BI Dashboards and Reports
  • Paginated Reports from Power BI Report Builder
  • Power Query in Power BI and Excel

We can collect data from multiple sources and create your BI dashboard quickly and cost-effectively using the Power BI suite of products.

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The Candlestick Card is an Adaptive Card rendered using the Paradigm BI Adaptive Cards custom visual in Power BI. The Candlestick is drawn using an SVG measure. Statistical Data for the last 24Hrs of BTC trading is selected, on an hourly basis, from an SQL table that is being updated every 10 minutes by Power Automate. Data from

The Adaptive Cards custom visual is available in the Office Store


Paradigm BI promotes a holistic approach to business intelligence, recognising that there are many aspects to a successful implementation, we focus on four areas:

  • People
  • Process
  • Data
  • Visualisation


We are skilled at remote delivery of services; this has long been an essential part of our business. We can respond to your specific requirement, or we can review your current business intelligence implementation and make recommendations.

Consultancy fees are AUD 160 per hour for Power BI implementation.

Fixed prices quotes are available for defined packages of work.

Prepaid support packages are available at a discount.


We can provide various levels of customisation to make your BI Application truly yours including themes, custom visuals and customisation for mobile platforms.

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