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Paradigm BI Products are Power BI Custom Visuals that you can Install yourself, or we can give you a hand with the process. If you are not currently a Power BI user you can try out the visuals in the free Power BI Desktop. To use the visuals in the Power BI service you can load the visual to the report as a file, or load it as an Organizational Custom Visual. Paradigm BI Custom Visuals are not currently certified by Microsoft, but the code is fully available for review on GitHub. These visuals are being actively developed; however upgrades are up to the user's discretion. We also supply Active Business Intelligence Power Apps for a more customizable user experience, we can get you started and hand the App over to you for management. If you are not a Power App user, we can help you get started. Business Process Automation is achieved by sending a request to Microsoft Flow or to your choice of Process Automation Tool.

Power Automate( Microsoft Flow) is used to Automate your business process. Here's a Request/Response Flow Package that you can use as a service

Latest downloads are available at The Download Page

Paradigm BI Task

PBI Task

PBI Task creates a task from your data, this is a direct method of acting on your insights, download PBITask Custom Visual or view it in this GitHub Repository It is configured by providing the URL of the Flow or automation tool which you wish to send the task to, there is also a JSON file of names and email addresses to which the task can be assigned. The visual will pick up a category and a value from a measure. The Category and value are configured when the visual is added to the report. After the report has been published the report consumer selects a category, which might be a product. The category and the value are automatically added to the Task Visual, the user can then add some text assign a person, a start date and due date. After the task is submitted a confirmation message is displayed.


Page Star

PageStar enables your report users to score report pages by clicking on the visual, download PageStar Custom Visual or view it in this GitHub Repository PageStar needs two parameters, the URL to send the message to and a measure that is the logged in username.



Starability is to enable people to vote for their favourite star player, product, idea or whatever, , download Starability Custom Visual or view it in this GitHub Repository This takes three parameters, the message URL, the username and a category.


Power Apps

Paradigm BI has Power Apps for Active Business Intelligence using the Power Apps Custom Visual. This suits more complex use cases, the most exciting capability is the ability to writeback to the datasource from the Power App and then refreshing the Power BI report automatically when this occurs. This is enabled using the Power BI Direct Query functionality and can be combined with other business functions such as task management. This is a far more customised setup and we can create a bespoke Power Apps solution for you. Get in touch for a chat about this capability.

Power Apps provide on opportunity to tailor solutions to your requirements and then deploy the solution into you environment. You will require a Power Apps license to use this feature. Typically this will be implemented using an Azure SQL database and a Direct Query connection. Get in touch for a chat about this capability.


Paradown Downloader

This is either the dark horse or the black sheep of the custom visuals. Paradigm BI has created the Paradown downloader custom visual. This visual is handy for adding a download button for 'Publish To Web' published reports. More details at Paradown Custom Visual Guidance


ParaHTML Viewer

This Visual works well on simple HTML pages, it does not process JavaScript within pages and likewise CSS stylesheets. This Viewer loads an HTML file from a public URL, the URL must be CORS enabled. Failure due to CORS is silent. Current testing has used files in an Azure Storage Blob Container and pages on a website.Files are loaded and parsed, the BODY element is loaded into the visual everything above that is not used, so don't bother trying. CSS Styles within the page work as usual, so this is your primary option for styling. More details at ParaHTML Custom Visual Guidance